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May 8, 2013
by hunt9640
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Over this time that our class has been talking about bullying i have relized and learned quite a few things. I have learned that bullying does not have to occour every day to tear a persons world apart and even sometimes make a person commit or think about suicide like in the movie “The Bully”. I learned that even the smallest thing can change a persons life bullying can be physical,verbal,or social bullying happens more than once and even the smallest name calling or rumors can give someone a label or hurt someone more than you thought.Bullying is horrible and there isnt really a point to it but people bully because it makes them feel better about themselves knowing that they have power over some one and they pick on the ones who are different that dont do things the same way that others might. Bullying happens everywhere you may not see it and adults may not see it but it happens all the time it might just be little things but those things add up and i am possitive that bullying happens everyday everywhere it doesnt matter if its name calling or a joke that was taken the wrong way. Dont bully it doesnt help you in any way and eventully that attention that bullys get will turn into people who where around the bully before afraid of them.Bullying hurts people and sometimes it costs people there lives.Be that person that gives EVERYONE a chance and stands up for people and dont sit and watch while bullying happens be a upstander and do something about it.

April 9, 2013
by hunt9640

Blogging Challenge

Challenge 3

I have just finished washing my clothes and found one sock that is now full of holes. I can’t use it as a sock, but list 10 other ways I could use the sock?

1. A sock Puppet

2. Fingerless  gloves

3. Sock bun

4. A sling shot

5. Rag

6.Instrument cleaner

7.White/Chalk board eraser

8.Cat toy

9.Pin the tail on the donkey

10.Drink cover


March 6, 2013
by hunt9640

Blogging Challenge

Challenge 1 I am writing a list of people that if i had the chance to meet what questions would i ask them. I am really into music and movies so i have lots of questions for actors and actresses as well as bands and singers.

1.Jhonny Depp-when did you you start acting? What was your favorite role to play?

2.Def Leppard-What is your favorite album you have ever realeased?

3.Green Day-What is your song “wake me up when september ends” really based on?

4.Channing Tatum -What does your first name mean?

5.James Dashner-how did you come up with the idea for the maze runner?

6.Dorthy-why such impractical shoes?

7.The Beatles -why do you think you guys where so popular?

8.Ty Pennington-what inspired you to help people in need of new homes in the first place?

9.Josh Hutcherson-How many movies have you been in?

10.phineas and ferb creators-why does phineas’s nose cover his entire face?why is candace’s hair pointy?

December 7, 2012
by hunt9640

Mary Spencer

Today Mary Spencer made a suprise visit to mrs.Duncans class room. Mary Spencer is a professional boxer and a great insperation to people all around the world. Some people in our class asked questions about her insperation,drive,and interseting things about her and the things she does to help her be the boxer she is today. At the end of her visit we all took a picture with her. The things i learned from Mary Spencers vist was that if you have a dream that you REALLY want to persue than you have to work hard and stay focused on your goal. Mary Spencer is a great person to learn from she never gives up and gives 110% in everything that she does.

December 4, 2012
by hunt9640


I LOVE books!!! i love all kinds of books but my favorite genres are distopian and im not sure what genre has people with super powers and special abilitys in it but i like that genre too!!here are some of my favorite books creepy and super power filled!!!

creepy books

-anna dressed in blood,the replacement,cryers cross,grave mercy,the dark hills divide,may bird and the everafter i love all theese books and the last book looks kidish but it is really good!!

some of my favorite books

-divergent,starters,percy jackson and the olympians the lightning theif series and the next couple of books called the lost hero,son of neptune,the mark of athena and the next book coming out next year the house of hades!anyway lets continue the eleventh plauge,gregor the overlander,the scorpio races,noodys princess,delirium,the alchemist,the book theif,the demon king

books that need a little explaining

-perfect,perfect is a book aout a girl named issabelle who has an eating disorder that when she eats she eats ALOT and then she makes herself throw it all up after. When issaelles sister catches her trying to throw up she tells her mom who sends her an eating disorder and body image therapy. Issaelle is shocked when the most popular pretty girl at school ashley walks into the therapy group they quickly become friends but inn a world where how you look is all that matters coping can take some potental turns for the harmfull side of things.

My favorite book of all time is the warrior heir!!! this is the offical decription-before he knew about the roses 16 year old jack lived in an unremarkable life in the small ohio town of trinity. Only the medicine he has to take daily and the thick scar above his heart set him appart from the other highschoolers. Then one day jack skips his medecine. Sudenly he is stronger faster and mor confident than ever before.And it feels great untill he looses control of his own strength and nearly kills another player during a soccer tryout. Soon jack learns the startling truthabout homself he is a wierlind part of a underground socirty of magical people who live among us. At their helm sits the feuding houses of the red rose and the white rose,whose power is determind by playing the game-a magical tournement in which each house sponcers a warrior to fight to the death. The winning house rules the weir. Jacck finds out that he is one of the last warriors and at the same time the both houses are looking for a player!!! the next book is the wizard heir and the next ook is the dragon heir!!

October 24, 2012
by hunt9640

Halloween costumes!!!!!!

Halloween is coming up and im super exited for candy and dressing up!!!!! For halloween i am looking forward to CANDY of corse but to also see all the cool halloween costumes!!! for halloween this year im being goth(i dont mean to offend anyone) and i know someone who is being alice in wonderland and the mad hatter. Some really cool costume ideas would be a hobbit(that would be sooooo fun),a tourist that would be really easy just get a floral shirt and a disposabal camera to put around your neck. You could be a bag of jelly beans like my friend last year,just take a clear plastic garbage bag cut two leg and arm holes an tie the garbage bag at the top then blow up a lot of multicoloured ballons and put them in the bag. I suggest that if you are driving somewhere to trick or treat then you should get in the garbage bag and BRING the ballons trust me i found out the hard way itsbasicly  impossible to sit down!(I had a brain fart moment)!!you could be a hobo this would be perfect because its gonna be cold and for a hobo you just mess up your hair,put dirt on you face and you can tie trash to your waist,put on a old WARM sweater and a pair of worn jeans. One time while i was trick or treating i saw 2 people dressed as thing 1 and thing 2. i think one of my favorite costumes was a sumo wrestler it must be soooo fun to get into a fat suit and book it down the road in search of candy!!!!!!!!

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