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October 24, 2012
by hunt9640

Halloween costumes!!!!!!

Halloween is coming up and im super exited for candy and dressing up!!!!! For halloween i am looking forward to CANDY of corse but to also see all the cool halloween costumes!!! for halloween this year im being goth(i dont mean to offend anyone) and i know someone who is being alice in wonderland and the mad hatter. Some really cool costume ideas would be a hobbit(that would be sooooo fun),a tourist that would be really easy just get a floral shirt and a disposabal camera to put around your neck. You could be a bag of jelly beans like my friend last year,just take a clear plastic garbage bag cut two leg and arm holes an tie the garbage bag at the top then blow up a lot of multicoloured ballons and put them in the bag. I suggest that if you are driving somewhere to trick or treat then you should get in the garbage bag and BRING the ballons trust me i found out the hard way itsbasicly  impossible to sit down!(I had a brain fart moment)!!you could be a hobo this would be perfect because its gonna be cold and for a hobo you just mess up your hair,put dirt on you face and you can tie trash to your waist,put on a old WARM sweater and a pair of worn jeans. One time while i was trick or treating i saw 2 people dressed as thing 1 and thing 2. i think one of my favorite costumes was a sumo wrestler it must be soooo fun to get into a fat suit and book it down the road in search of candy!!!!!!!!

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