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March 6, 2013
by hunt9640

Blogging Challenge

Challenge 1 I am writing a list of people that if i had the chance to meet what questions would i ask them. I am really into music and movies so i have lots of questions for actors and actresses as well as bands and singers.

1.Jhonny Depp-when did you you start acting? What was your favorite role to play?

2.Def Leppard-What is your favorite album you have ever realeased?

3.Green Day-What is your song “wake me up when september ends” really based on?

4.Channing Tatum -What does your first name mean?

5.James Dashner-how did you come up with the idea for the maze runner?

6.Dorthy-why such impractical shoes?

7.The Beatles -why do you think you guys where so popular?

8.Ty Pennington-what inspired you to help people in need of new homes in the first place?

9.Josh Hutcherson-How many movies have you been in?

10.phineas and ferb creators-why does phineas’s nose cover his entire face?why is candace’s hair pointy?

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