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Over this time that our class has been talking about bullying i have relized and learned quite a few things. I have learned that bullying does not have to occour every day to tear a persons world apart and even sometimes make a person commit or think about suicide like in the movie “The Bully”. I learned that even the smallest thing can change a persons life bullying can be physical,verbal,or social bullying happens more than once and even the smallest name calling or rumors can give someone a label or hurt someone more than you thought.Bullying is horrible and there isnt really a point to it but people bully because it makes them feel better about themselves knowing that they have power over some one and they pick on the ones who are different that dont do things the same way that others might. Bullying happens everywhere you may not see it and adults may not see it but it happens all the time it might just be little things but those things add up and i am possitive that bullying happens everyday everywhere it doesnt matter if its name calling or a joke that was taken the wrong way. Dont bully it doesnt help you in any way and eventully that attention that bullys get will turn into people who where around the bully before afraid of them.Bullying hurts people and sometimes it costs people there lives.Be that person that gives EVERYONE a chance and stands up for people and dont sit and watch while bullying happens be a upstander and do something about it.

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hi im Hunter and yes im a girl the names kinda deciving

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  1. Hi Hunter, I think this bullying post is really good.

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